2016 GT Pro Series

Getting to the finish line first and having a great time on the way there is all about having the bike that suits your riding style the best. With multiple size and frame options, a flip-flop rear hub and a bladed Cr-Mo fork, the GT Pro Series BMX bikes are fully customisable to tailor your ride just the way you need it – from the Mini to the OS20 and even a Pro Series 24” cruiser, GT has the perfect race bike for you.

Price £429.99 – £499.99 RRP
Colours: Midnight Blue

Frame Toptube Sizes: Pro XL (21”), Pro (20.5”), Junior (18.5”), Mini (17”), Pro 4” (21.75”)
Fork: GT BMX Pro Cr-Mo & 6061, Junior Race Forks custom, built for each size bike
Features: GT Mohawk sealed hub sets with female axles, flip-flop design, and chain tensioners. GT lightweight race cranks in either aluminium or Cr-Mo, with sealed Euro BBs.

BMX Race, Pro Series Pro 24
Pro Series 24 | £499.99
BMX Race, Pro Series Pro XXL OS 20
Pro Series XXL OS 20 | £459.99
BMX Race, Pro Series Pro XL
Pro Series Pro XL | £459.99
BMX Race, Pro Series Pro
Pro Series Pro | £459.99
BMX Race, Pro Series Expert
Pro Series Expert | £449.99
BMX Race, Pro Series Junior
Pro Series Junior | £439.99
BMX Race, Pro Series Mini
Pro Series Mini | £429.99