Bob Manchester – Bike Check


Name: Bob Manchester
Age: 25
Height: 5ft 8
Weight: 11 stone
Hometown: Stevenage  
Sponsors: Hoffman Bikes, Stay Strong Clothing, Crucial BMX Shop, CSG UK

What custom mods have you made to your bike?


What’s the newest part on your bike?

Hoffman Lady Luck frame.

What’s the oldest part on your bike – any part you just won’t change?

The back wheel. It’s so fast!

How often do you put together a new set-up?

Once a year.

How good are you at keeping the thing dialled?

Everything always feels sick! I hate it when my bike rattles, so I keep it tight so it sounds like a basketball.

What else is new – what are you planning next?

Next year I’m planning on completely changing my back yard with a whole new line and just making things bigger and better!





Frame: Hoffman Lady Luck
Fork: WTP Sterling  
Bars: WTP Sterling
Stem: BSD top loader  
Grips: Stay Strong
Bar-Ends: ODI
Headset: WTP
Seatpost: Éclat
Seat: Stay Strong slim black
Pedals: Fly  
Cranks: WTP Royal
Sprocket: Éclat
Chain: Cult
Front Tyre: BSD Donasqueek   
Rear Tyre: BSD Donasqueek
Front Wheel: Éclat complete in black
Rear Wheel: Profile Elite Hub on G-Sport Birdcage rim
Pegs: none