How To Start BMX Racing In Just 5 Steps

BMX racing is one of the most exciting forms of cycle sport both to watch and take part in. There are tracks springing up around the country and it’s one of the cheapest forms of cycle sport to get into. With separate race categories for all ages – meaning that you only race against riders of your own age and experience – and with a true community spirit, BMX is a real family affair.

BMX racing is enjoyable on many levels – from local club races, to regional series, a big national race series and the supercross-style tracks, all the way up to Olympic Games – there is something for everyone. But how do you get started?
Here are five simple steps to racing BMX – remember, if you want it to, this could be your route to the Olympics.

Step 1 Find your nearest BMX club
Visit the British Cycling Website – it will find the nearest BMX Club in your area, and the club will be your best source of local information and help.

Step 2 Visit a BMX TRACK & club
Go to the club training sessions, the coach, the club people and local riders will be able to inform you of what BMX is all about and getting started.

Step 3 Have a go
This is the best part, once the club has informed you about BMX, it is time to have a go… Most active BMX clubs offer taster and skills sessions at their
local track, allowing you to have a go at improving your skills. Many clubs offer bike, helmet and protective gear hire, allowing you to get a taste for the sport before making a financial commitment and buying a bike.

Step 4 visit a bmx bike shop
Now you’re ready to buy a bike and protective gear; the club will have helped you understand what type of bike you need and the required protective gear, they will also point you in the right direction of the nearest bike shop who understands BMX Race Bikes.

Step 5 Let’s go racing
You will have your own bike now, you will have joined a club and British Cycling, once the club coach is happy that you are proficient at using the gate system and riding round the track, you can enter the club races to gain experience and have a great time racing BMX. Easy!

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