Jamie Skinner – Bike Check

Name: Jamie Skinner
Age: 27
Height: 5ft 10
Weight: 82 kgs
Hometown: Exeter   
Sponsors: The Boarding House, Hoffman Bikes, Voyage Threads, Skull Candy, Sili Sunglasses, CSG UK

What custom mods have you made to your bike?
Apart from taking the pins out of one side of my pedals, I can’t say I have done any modifications to my bike.

What’s the newest part on your bike?
Just about to head out to pick up some new handlebars from The Boarding House, which have been sent out from CSG. Thanks Mark.

What’s the oldest part on your bike – any part you just won’t change?
Probably my back wheel – that’s been going strong for a good year or so now.

How often do you put together a new set-up?
Maybe once or twice a year, depending on what’s worn out or what parts need replacing.

How good are you at keeping the thing dialled?
I try to keep on top of the maintenance, I’d like to say at least once a week I’ll be tightening or adjusting something.

What else is new – what are you planning next?
I’ve just gotten back from a trip to Barcelona, so hopefully along with a few other clips I’ll have a web edit out in the following months. Thinking about doing a trip to somewhere a little warmer over the winter months, but nothing for definite just yet!




Frame: Hoffman Bama  
Fork: Éclat Stevie Churchill    
Bars: WTP Sterling  
Stem: WTP  
Grips: Éclat Team  
Bar-Ends: Éclat
Headset: Éclat
Seatpost: WTP  
Seat: WTP 24D Window seat  
Pedals: Éclat Surge alloy    
Cranks: WTP Royals
Sprocket: Éclat Vent
Chain: Éclat Diesel  
Front Tyre: Éclat Control   
Rear Tyre: Éclat Control
Front Wheel: Éclat Pulse / Éclat Polar
Rear Wheel: Federal V3 / Éclat Bondi  
Pegs: Éclat Venom