Photo: Ed Zunda / Pole-jam ice turndown / Photo by Fooman

The great thing about BMX is that it is always changing and moving in new directions. BMX has changed so much in the past 20 years that Wethepeople has existed, and year after year they strive to be at the forefront of these changes and channel them into a range of bikes that reflect where BMX is today. The 2016 Wethepeople bike range was always going to be special, after a full calendar year of development and refining ideas down, it’s finally time for these creations to be seen.

The first thing that comes to mind as soon as you take a look at the 2016 range is colour. Gone are the days of dull ordinary bikes. After being inspired by some incredible colour schemes from the same bikes that the Wethepeople Pro team rides they decided to go all out and offer some mind blowing and unique colour finishes on the bikes that BMX has never seen before. Even towards the start of the range, The Curse is available in a wild new brushed raw finish that is combined with bright green tyres for a strong and powerful look. The Volta has always been the bike for the more sophisticated riders out there, and for this year they have come up with a new trans brown chrome version that is surely set to turn heads.

With street riding reaching a whole new level of difficulty and evolving into one of the most popular forms of riding, Wethepeople wanted to do even more to create some bikes that cater to the needs of the raw street rider.
After adding sleeve pegs last year, they decided to go down this route even further by adding Nylon hub guards to many of the bikes – enabling you to take the bike to the nearest rail or ledge and get grinding from the very second the bike is built up.

The Reason is now available in a freecoaster hub option, bringing endless backwards riding in the most affordable package yet. The Zodiac has now been bumped up to full street machine and features a four piece bar, a new Saltplus guard sprocket, and a new Saltplus clutch freecoaster hub. This bike is the perfect example of what a modern day street bike should look and ride like.

These bikes have been decked out with a whole new line of Salt, Saltplus, and Wethepeople stems which use Shark Tooth Clamping (STC), a linear knurling process inside the stem to give additional grip and support to the clamping area preventing your bars from ever slipping again. The Envy is always the chance for Wethepeople to display new technology and this year the bike comes with a new aftermarket Stickin’ tyre, as well as being the first bike in BMX using a 25.4 mm bar and stem combo.

The 2016 collection is the culmination of a whole year of focused development, and the result is the most unbelievably definitive range of bikes Wethepeople has made yet.