Harry Mills-Wakley – Bike Check

Name: Harry Mills-Wakley
Age: 21
Height: 6ft
Weight: 12.5 stone
Hometown: Exeter   
Sponsors: United Bike Co, Éclat, Etnies and
The Boarding House, CSG UK

What custom mods have you made to your bike?

To be perfectly honest I don’t really have any specific mods I make to my bike. All of the parts I run come dialled already so they are ready to go and be ridden!

What’s the newest part on your bike?

The two newest parts on my bike are my grips (G-Slats) and my stem (Éclat Nathan).

What’s the oldest part on your bike?

Seat post.

Any part you just won’t change?

The oldest part on my bike by far is my seat post. I think I have been running it for over two years now!

How often do you put together a new set-up?

It varies, but I like to keep my set-up for at least six months. Obviously, certain parts take more of a beating than others so they get replaced regularly. My current set up is around seven months old.

How good are you at keeping the thing dialled?

I definitely like to keep my bike rolling as good as I can. I am not a huge fan of a sketchy running bike! When parts need replacing I’m lucky enough to be able to do so. Plus, maintaining wheels is key for my bike to staying rolling nice.

What else is new – what are you planning next?

Currently United bike crew have been working on their next full length DVD project and I am going to California for the next chapter of the video project. So excited as I have never been to California before! That’s going be wrapped up at the end of 2015. 2016 should be exciting and I am just going to take it as it comes! I would like to work on some projects for both Éclat and United throughout 2016, plus the local scene in the south west of England is talking about filming a video project, which should be fun.


Bike Spec

Frame: United Mothership V3 – Purple brush  
Fork: United Dinero V2 – Black    
Bars: United Mothership XXL – Black
Stem: Éclat Nathan stem – Black  
Grips: United G-Slat – Black
Bar-Ends: United
Headset: Éclat Cargo – Black
Seatpost: Éclat Torch off set – Black  
Seat: Éclat OZ seat – Black
Pedals: United Valentino plastic pedals – Black   
Cranks: United Nathan Williams bossless V2 Nash cranks – Black
Sprocket: United Machinez (28t) – Black
Chain: Éclat Diesel – Black
Front Tyre: Éclat Fireball – Full burgundy   
Rear Tyre: Éclat Fireball – Full burgundy
Front Wheel: Éclat Pulse front hub on a Éclat Trippin’ rim
Rear Wheel: Hub: United Supreme 9T freecoaster – Black / Rim: Éclat Polar rim  
Pegs: United Stealth plastic pegs x4