Jason Phelan – Bike Check

Name: Jason Phelan
Age: 29 Outstanding Years Old  
Height: 5’10’’  
Weight: 12 stone 2 pounds
Hometown: Waterford, Ireland  
Sponsors: GT Bikes, CSG UK

What custom mods have you made to your bike?
The only thing I like to do is chop my forks so everything is slammed beneath the stem. This keeps my front end nice and neat.

What’s the newest part on your bike?

What’s the oldest part on your bike – any part you just won’t change?
I got the whole bike about five months ago and I haven’t needed to change anything yet, apart from grips and chain, and it’s still going strong.

How often do you put together a new set-up?
It depends on how much I’m riding and travelling, going to competitions and filming trips, not to mention how much I’m crashing – but I like to get a fresh set-up every six months. I just like keeping my bikes solid.

How good are you at keeping the thing dialled?
I’m not too bad, bikes are easy these days, all you need is a 6mm allen key and a 17mm socket for pretty much the whole bike. My spokes do need a tighten, which I’m just about to do, so yeah I like to keep it pretty dialled.

What else is new – what are you planning next?
STUNTS! That’s what I’m planning these days (laughter) but the year is coming to an end so I’m pretty quiet till January, but something always pops up. In the meantime I should have some spotlight videos for you and I’ve got a half-hour TV episode coming out on Dave some Sunday before Christmas. It’s part of a programme called the Indestructables and for my episode I rode the rooftop of a five storey building jumping throught skylights to floors beneath, bomb dropped off chimneys one-foot wide with over a five storey sheer drop down the middle and smashed some lights while upside down trying to flip fakie indoors. Keep an eye out for that. I’m also working on something real special – but that’s for another day.





Bike Spec
Frame: WTP Irish
Fork: GT Smith 25 Offset  
Bars: GT Smith
Stem: GT Smith  
Grips: BSD Dan Paley
Headset: Éclat
Seatpost: GT Tripod Post
Seat: GT Camo Fat Seat
Pedals: Éclat Slash  
Cranks: GT 3pc
Sprocket: GT
Chain: Éclat
Front Tyre: Éclat Escape  
Rear Tyre: Éclat Escape
Front Wheel: Éclat Pulse 10mm Hub with Trippin Rim
Rear Wheel: Éclat Pulse 14mm Hub with Trippin Rim
Pegs: Éclat Venom 4.5’’ Plastic Pegs X4