Éclat AK Pedal

Éclat have been working on these innovative new pedals for a long time, and pro rider Alex Kennedy is finally ready to release them – they are nylon/fiberglass construction as per most PC pedals, but the difference here is that they have a symmetrical and replacable body which can be used for either the left or right hand side, depending on what you wear out first – replaceable bodies are available and shown here. The pedal also runs on a full-bushing system – so there are no ball bearings inside – and it runs smoothly and simply. This makes the pedal super-tough with a super strong cromoly spindle – pedal spindles are also available on their own. The pins are also replaceable – you can also remove some to customize your pedal grip and traction, say if you want to remove pins on the grind side of your pedal, you can do that easily. Tough, customizable, replaceable parts – all this results in one of the most tech set of pedals money can buy.

AK Pedal £49.99 / AK Pedal Axle Kit £8.99 / AK Pedal Body £19.99