Jason Phelan NRYL4 x Dig

GT‘s Jason Phelan went IN for his part on the new NEARLY 4 DVD, and it shows – plenty of trips, spots, gnarly scenes and some true manly moves went down. DigBMX snagged a bunch of raw footage with Alex D from the Nearly crew and the result is online now. This is seriously nuts.

Info from Dig:

The third instalment of Nearly 4K bonus / BTS / leftovers is here and this time we’ve got all the spills and hi jinx from Irish stuntman Jason Phelan. Huge drops, much lolz, crazy setups and all with a big smile on his face. Wait until you see Jason’s super secret bonus nighttime footage… Make sure you don’t miss out on getting a copy of Nearly 4K – we’ve got ours and we guarantee it will be top of the pile for a good while! While you’re at it get a look at our Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Nearly 4K article here for some sneak peeks at some of the bangers from 4K.