Alex Kennedy’s Dig Video

One of THE stand-out video parts for 2015, Alex Kennedy‘s video project with DigBMX came to fruition in December and shut the internet down – incredibly creative both in terms of videography (thanks to Rich Forne) and pure riding, with Alex really on his game. Street riding just went up a few notches on the creativity scale right here. Eclat have new signature parts coming out with Alex, so look out for those real soon…

Info: Behold, a new AK video! Alex Kennedy and Rich Forne have been working real hard on this one clocking clips from multiple trips to Berlin, Tel Aviv and Barcelona, and we’re sure you’ll agree that it’s nothing short of a damn masterpiece. Obviously we’ve been massive fans of AK since day one and we couldn’t be happier with this long overdue follow up to his first DIG video back in 2011. Is this AK’s most progressive edit to date?
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