Bike Check: Ed Zunda


Ed Zunda has a whole new set-up from Wethepeople, and for the full breakdown of what he’s riding, head over to the RideUSA website. His new Awake frame is definitely looking dialled – now riding a trans-blue production version of the signature frame after almost a year riding a sample Awake: these frames are SOLID – for more info head over to our product guide section and check out the Awake in detail here…

And of course, the Awake comes with Wethepeople’s Lifetime Warranty — “I’m sure a lot of people have seen all these Youtube videos when the frame breaks going downstairs etc. I had that once, when I just started riding and it surely isn’t the best feeling! That’s why I’m very stoked on the way this frame is designed and made. I never have to even worry about my frame failing, this thing is solid.” – Ed Zunda