Bike Check: Bruno Hoffmann

Eclat’s Bruno Hoffmann has been working on more signature parts with Eclat, and has just put out this bike check showing us what he’s now running – including the new Bruno Grip which is out now. Coming out in a few months will be the new Bruno tyre, the Predator in 2.3″ size only — says Dave from Eclat; “We have had a lot of the guys on the team stick with 2.30″ tyres front and rear due to the extra clearance between the tyre and ledge whilst grinding. Bruno feels that 2.30″ is the perfect size for a tyre, being large enough to absorb big impacts, but not too wide that it slows you down grinding.”

Have a look at Bruno’s complete set-up on the Eclat website here.


Predator tyres will be out in the summer – in the meantime, check this Bruno grip promo!