Upcoming: GT Tyres

Now THESE look good – GT had classic tyres back in the day and it seemed everyone and their dog was running the Logo tyre due to its unique grip, fast-rolling centre section, healthy size compared to the other skinny freestyle tyres on the scene, and a tread that worked everywhere – when street riding was starting to take off and riders needed a tyre for a multitude of sins. And now they’re coming back.

The guys at RideUSA popped up a preview of the new rubber and concluded, ‘Now available in both 2.2” and 2.35” widths, the LP-V has the exact same look, but with less pronounced GT logos that are closer together and knurled. The center patch remains, and the overall tread is tighter and lower-profile, allowing for higher speed while increasing grip. You won’t stick to rails or ledges, however, as the slick sidewalls allow for easy exits from whatever you’re grinding.’ Read more about these tyres on the RideUSA website.

As for launch date of the new GT LP Tyres – we’re banking on them being available this summer – can’t wait! In the meantime – here’s Jason Phelan for GT.