Alex Kennedy’s Winter Video

Despite this being the UK’s wettest winter on record (apparently…) Eclat pro Alex Kennedy came back home for the season and set to film a full SEVEN minute video part for one of his perhaps lesser-known sponsors, namely Nyishar – a health-food supplement brand. Alex takes his health seriously, and since he is able to ride like this and produce videos parts during the British winter of this quality, it definitely shows. While most UK riders tend to hibernate December to March, Alex is out there killing it on a daily basis.

INFO: “We finished filming for it a few days back. Nobody really knew we were filming for this. It wasn’t easy – sub-zero temperatures, gale force winds, rain and the odd spot of snow all complicated matters. The usual urban security also played their part in presenting frequent obstacles to our progress. Still though, AK pushed through all odds during the UK winter and put out this full length part that was filmed almost entirely outdoors. Enjoy!”