Wethepeople Sterling Video

You may remember the Sterling promo video with Pete Sawyer – well worth another couple minutes of your time!

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You have the type that absolutely love bikes and the way they are set up fascinates them endlessly, then there are the type who don’t really give much of a damn and if you tell them they have put their tires on backwards they wouldn’t care. Pete would never have his tires on backwards; he’s the type of rider that is borderline OCD in regards to the standard of his set up. He once told me that after a night of riding home in the rain he then proceeded to dismantle his bike entirely and clean and dry everything individually. When it came to designing Pete’s ‘Sterling’ frame he was, as you can imagine, right in the mix of things. His ideas and direction became extremely valuable and the frame would not be what it is today if the design was not guided in such a way from Pete.
When I think of those two classes of riders I always think of the rider who never cares is usually the one who goes the craziest, because its not really bikes that excites them, its actually danger and the madness of BMX. I think with Pete he likes to be in control of his set up, his riding style and the way he formulates lines and video parts. I also think there’s a devil on his shoulder that likes to scream handrail at him and I love that.
Pete’s frame is designed in parallel with the forks, even down to the details of the end caps from the fork blade being mirrored in the chain and seat stays of the frame. The geometry is all to Pete’s request with a 21.2” top tube, 13.4” chain stay, 69 degree seat tube and an 11.5 BB height. The top gusset was added for extra front-end strength, something Pete needs for when he unleashes his non-OCD side. We finished it off with some low key yet on point graphics, making it one of our most desirable frames.