Check Out Brian Kachinsky’s New GT Bike

GT are now closely working with Brian Kachinsky on a whole range of new complete bikes for the upcoming 2017 release – and Brian is now riding signature frames and parts, which look so good… GT is dialled right now. New impetus, new products, new bikes – and have a good look at Brian’s Bike Check on the RideUSA website right here.

gt brian kackinsky bike

Says Brian, “I like to be the only one who works on my bike. After many years of working at a bike shop and working on my own bikes I just know how I like everything to run. I keep it clean, tight and ready for the inevitable abuse I’m going to put it through.”


GT’s Rob Wise, Brian Kachinsky, Jeremiah Smith, and Jason Phelan wage a war on the streets of Kansas City, MO. People have been sleeping on KC all this time but I have a feeling that’s about to change. From the craziest dam spot you’ve ever seen, to a plethora of rail set-ups beyond your wildest dreams, KC is stacked. The squad of Rob Wise, Brian Kachinsky, Jason Phelan, and Jeremiah Smith spent ten days dodging rain and putting themselves through hell… The result? A collection of clips that will surely be talked about and even stand the test of time. This is “Bleeding Kansas” GT in KC.