The Wethepeople Team Hit Sicily, And…

When it comes to team trips, most of the time you and the crew set off to a new foreign land full of researched spots, sessions and smashed tricks, and you return back home with SD cards full of non-stop bangers, B-roll, magazine quality photos, and long-lasting memories of good times. And then, well, sometimes it doesn’t quite go as hoped. Wethepeople went to Sicily recently on an 8 day filming trip with a full squad, and on day two of the trip I was already getting texts and emails from the guys saying that they had found nothing to ride. No skate spots, no plazas, no parks… nothing. But when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade – right? Callum Earnshaw made this sick Dig x Wethepeople edit, Jason Colledge shot the whole thing for a 14+ page article in Endless Magazine, and all’s well.

INFO: Wethepeople’s Mike Curley, Ed Zunda, Jordan Godwin, and Mo Nussbaumer had seen the Italian island of Sicily pop up in quite a few skateboarding videos recently so in January they decided to see what the island had to offer for two wheels. Well, it didn’t go quite to plan – spots were minimal and the guys spent almost every evening on google maps and skate apps trying to find things, at one point Mo got excited because he found a manny pad… it was definitely slim pickings. Every day was spent searching and for such a battle the video actually worked out really well! Curley comes through with some of that signature tech, Mo with the grind tailwhip game on point, Godwin with a juicy old hard 3 and more… and Zunda with that effortless control. Good job lads!
Filmed and edited by Callum Earnshaw
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