Alex Kennedy Eclat Pedal Video

The AK Pedals from Eclat are definitely not your average pedal… Alex Kennedy and Eclat have been working on these for ages, tested many prototypes, and they are finaly perfect and now available – and so, here’s a promo video to explain further what they’re all about.
For more info, hit our Eclat AK Pedal product page here.

The Alex Kennedy signature AK Pedals are finally available worldwide.
We have been working on a very unique pedal concept designed specifically for street riders for some time now, and when Alex Kennedy joined the PRO ranks last year, he was the perfect rider to tie the project together and help us further develop our strongest pedal yet.
Pedals are no longer just a place to stand, and with technical street Gods like AK pushing the boundaries of riding, pedals are the new pegs. The AK pedal uses a full-bushing system, which allowed us to take up the space where a loose ball bearing would sit, and just enlarge the axle, making it almost indestructible. We have so much faith in the strength of the spindle that we offer a full LIFETIME GUARANTEE against the spindle breaking or bending under riding conditions, and will offer a full replacemnet spindle should you do so. The AK pedal uses a fully replaceable Nylon/Fibreglass pedal body with a larger platform than most to give your foot ample room to feel comfortable, no matter where your foot lands.
What makes the AK pedal so special is that the replaceable body is universal and fits left or right side, so if after time you have grinded down one side of your pedal; simply switch it for the other pedal and you’re good to go again. We offer affordable replacement pedal bodies separately, so if you’re off on a trip, simply throw a spare body in your bag. Much like a plastic peg sleeve, you can be riding on a fresh pedal in a matter of seconds for the fraction of a cost of a regular pair of plastic pedals.