Mike Curley’s Top Five Video Parts

When it comes to innovative, fluid street riding and creating quality video parts, Mike Curley is up there with the best of them – control, creativity, and steez in spades, the Wethepeople pro has produced some amazing video parts through recent years. So we caught up with Mike to ask him what are his personal Top Five Video Parts, and why? Here they are… scroll through Mike’s Top Five, enjoy.
Portrait: WTP

No.5 • Make The Most Of Summer – No Stock

“No Stock BMX was one of my first sponsors – it was a small T-Shirt company that my friend Josh More made, it lasted a few years before he found his love was in film-making. But this was the start, when people started to take an interest in my web videos.” – Mike

No.4 • Lisbon – Wethepeople

“My first trip away on my BMX! I was ready for this for a long time, always pestering my TM at the time Chris McArdle to send me away. When the opportunity arose I jumped at it, and in Lisbon I rode my ass off!” – Mike

No. 3 • Summer 2013 – Wethepeople

“This was a week in Wales with Will Evans – not your normal BMX trip by far! Will is the master of the secret spot. He took me to some incredible places, reservoirs up the side of mountains in the middle of nowhere and half pipes that looked like they were perched on the edge of the earth!” – Mike

No. 2 • Russia – Animal UK Clothing

“Russia was a weird one; I travelled on my own and was met at Moscow airport by a giant Russian man named Mikhail who barely spoke a word of English. But he was super friendly and tried his best to make my trip as good as possible. Moscow is an odd place; 12 lanes across roads, nothing but high rise flats, ginormous malls situated in random places and not to mention some crazy people! But it has to be one of the best trips I’ve ever been on, had an incredible time, I’d go back tomorrow.” – Mike

No.1 • Rain Or Shine – Wethepeople

“It’s hard to choose which of my edits I like the most; I’ve had different experiences with all of them. But I’m going to say my Rain Or Shine part, simply for the fact that most edits I’ve made I have had a small allotted time to film it, usually only a week or less. With Rain Or Shine it was treated more like a DVD project so we had more time to film and there was a lot less pressure, I found I had a lot more fun filming this than some other edits!” – Mike