Greg Illingworth’s Top Five Video Parts

Longtime Mongoose pro Greg Illingworth isn’t shy of going BIG and going FULL SPEED on all the big stuff – be it large transitions, massive street features, huge skateparks, Greg will go full bore at all times – and it’s so rad to watch. Suffice to say Greg has made some of the best video parts in BMX – so we caught up with him to find out his own Top Five Video Parts.

No 1  • UK / SA

“This video means more to me than any other video because it made the biggest difference in my life. This was filmed while I was still living in SA and scraping together trips to Europe and the UK. After this video came out I picked up a few more sponsors and was able to move to the UK. It’s also the first solo part I got to work on by myself with a good videographer. Will Evans was just making his way in the world of BMX videos and this video propelled both of our careers in BMX.” – Greg

No 2 • MIH Remix

“The Make It Happen project was a dream project I really wanted to do. It took a lot of work but it was an absolutely amazing experience. We went to China, Argentina and South Africa to shoot for the full length video with good crews on each trip. I was unbelievably stoked that my sponsors back this project and helped me make it happen. I am really proud of the full video and I love watching that. When Mongoose asked us to put the remix edit together of my clips I wasn’t sure, but after Will cut it and I watched it I was really stoked. Seeing all those amazing spots we rode brought back good memories.” – Greg

No 3 • UK / JP

“Most of this video was shot over 10 days in Japan. It was one of the most incredible trips I’ve ever been on. This was my first time to Japan and I loved every second of it. The spots were absolutely amazing. Will Evans did such a great job on the video as usual too.” – Greg

No 4 • Mongoose IBS edit

“My most recent video! For this video I decided to work with a close friend Fraser Byrne to make it. He has been doing work outside of the BMX world mostly, but we shared the same vision for a raw and dirty fast-as-hell bowl edit. I went through a serious addiction to riding bowls only most of last year after moving to London and I had a lot of fun riding all the concrete I could for this video. Highlights for me from this video include; going to Japan to ride the Deathbowl, private sessions at House of Vans, and riding the old concrete relics around London (Romford & Harrow).” – Greg

no 5 • SA 2014

“I’ve always been inclined to involve my home land of South Africa as much as I can in my BMX career. As I moved away I started noticing how one particular videographer from Cape Town started making really good BMX videos. Kevin Schnider’s videography was progressing really fast and I wanted to work with him. Not only from my perspective but also to give him the chance to make a video that may be seen by a lot more people than some of his other work. I managed to get Matt & Lima over to SA for the trip and we had an amazing time. Kevin did a good job on the video and is now doing loads more work with riders from around the world.” – Greg