Sam Jones Top 5 Things About Torquay

With a deadline lurking overhead for Sam Jones’s interview in issue 3 of Endless Magazine and a busy schedule both from myself and Sam, I asked if Sam wanted to come stay with me for the week in Torquay. An instant ‘yes’ was answered before I’d even finished the question! Sam had been to Torquay a few times before, and each time says it’s the best place around – so I was intrigued as to how Sam had come to this conclusion. There are plenty of people I know who live in Torquay who have a very different opinion, maybe they don’t realise what they have and have just been stuck here that long? Keep your eyes peeled for issue three which, by the time you read this, will be off to the printers getting inked.
Words and photos by Jason Colledge

Sam Jones’ Top Five Things About Torquay

“It doesn’t feel like the UK – I don’t live in a terrible area, it’s actually quite nice, but compare it to the paradise that is Torquay it’s a horror! I didn’t realise you could have palm trees in England?”

“The views – life seems a lot more peaceful when you can chill and look out over beautiful scenery. If I had a bunch of Coronas I could sit there looking out to the sea for hours!”

“The pub-crawl – the stream of pubs is amazing. I suppose any pub-crawl would be great if you had the right company, and down in Torquay that’s what I had. I’ve had a few good nights out down there!”

“Cream Teas – you cut a scone in half, whack some cream and jam on (cream first), it’s complimented with a cuppa’ tea, and you feel more elegant than the queen herself.”

“UFD – the boys of the UFD crew are all so sound, always had a good laugh with them and they make me feel apart of the crew. Torquay is amazing by itself, I mean if I had to stay there homeless I would, but the lads make it that much better. ”

Until Sam’s interview comes out in the magazine, enjoy this edit of Sam from Eclat‘s Young Bloods from last year!