Why Vans’s New BMX Video Will Rule

The upcoming Vans BMX video Illustrated will be an absolute ruler from start to finish, no doubt. Coming off the back of a massive skateboard video project, Propeller, which was years in the making, featured their entire skate team and is so gnarly, means that Vans know what they are doing when it comes to Big Deals like this. Like Propeller, llustrated has also been years in progress, with full-time filmers and enormous travel budget. It’s been widely considered that Vans has the strongest team in BMX – just check the roster! Gary Young, Dakota Roche, Brian Kachinsky, Scotty Cranmer, Pat Casey, Hucker, Ty Morrow, Sean Sexton, Nastazio, Dennis McCoy, Kevin Peraza, TJ Ellis, Tyler Fernengel, Jason Watts, Greg Illingworth, plus countless Ams and global riders. Does a BMX team get any better than this? Imagine this team on one video! THAT’S why it’s gonnna rule. Look out for Illustrated hitting our screens through various premieres at Vans’ locations and downloadable for everyone via iTunes from June 7th.

vans video pic

INFO: The Vans BMX Team is a group of creative individuals who express themselves by constantly pushing the boundaries of what can be done on two wheels. In doing so, each rider illustrates their own artistic approach and style on the many canvases of concrete, dirt, and wood. Even after they are done riding their marks can still be seen in what has been left behind; from the tire tracks in the dirt to the marks on the walls, rails and ledges. Illustrated, a Vans BMX video available June 7th.
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