Sam Jones – Top Five Video Parts

When Sam Jones drops a new web edit, the BMX world stands up and pays attention – thanks to being part of the Eclat and BSD teams, and these brands have heavy squads, you know that these edits are going to be proper productions and that Sam will go the extra mile. Powerful style, all the tech (no 2mph 1ft ledge nibbles here), all done with speed and flow that really sets these videos apart from the crowd. Here Sam lists his five favourite video projects through the years and writes why they’re here. Let’s do this.
Photo: Rail hop during the Eclat Young Bloods trip, photo by Fooman

No.5 the 09/10 Edit

“This was my first edit and was definitely in my sketchy times, haha. That bike was soooo haggard it was insane, but I guess that’s what I like about it. My mate B-Rad was always pushing me to film this.”

No.4 Stereo Mint Edit

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 12.27.23

Ride UK: Sam Jones a BMX video by Ride UK BMX

“I was on Stereo at this point, and the second video I filmed for them. It was filmed over three days with Rich Maciver, and was a really fun project. That skatepark was new at the time, and I think was the first video to be filmed in there – The Warehouse Skatepark.”
Hit the link – this video ain’t embedding.

No.3 Eclat Young Bloods

“Definitely one of the greater trips I’ve been on, the Young Blood gang are fun to be around. It was a really productive trip between the five of us. I got a lot of hype for that edit because of the tyres bars I did, which I am very pleased about!”

No.2 Eclat 2015 Video

“Filming with Cal (Earnshaw) has been too fun, become good friends and have had some funny times. I wasn’t too sure about the song at first, but I watched it a few times and it grew on me. The travelling aspect of the edit was amazing, seeing Barcelona again and discovering Torquay was just great!”

No.1 Welcome To BSD

“This was my Welcome to BSD video and was more than hyped to film for it. This was the second time working with Dave Sowerby, after the Athens trip we went on and, as always he done an amazing job on it. It came out well!”