Paul Ryan’s Top Five Videos

With the Mongoose Jam UK a couple of weeks away, we decided to catch up with longtime Mongoose pro Paul Ryan and talk to him about his own top-5 video edits. Paul’s put in work on all of these video projects, and it shows – including worldwide travel from South Africa to all over Europe, plus filming parts at his hometown local park in Rampworx, there are some awesome edits in this top-5. Let’s get into this.

No.5 New Year’s Edit

“My new year’s edit was probably the one I had the most fun putting together. Myself and William Evans went to some pretty amazing places to film for this edit – crazy ditch spots in the middle of South Africa that Greg and the South African boys showed us round, as well as a trip to Lisbon with good friends Pete Sawyer, Mike Curley and Nathan Beddows shooting photos – this was all round good time riding and filming with friends, and enjoying every moment.”

No.4 Winter Edit

“I love Rampworx – it has been my local since I first picked up a bike over ten years ago, so Matty (Lambert) said we should make a video in there – we would go in there super early in the morning and get a Maces breakfast first: of course, got to. I just remember it being super cold one morning trying to warm up and looped out on the manny 180 bars down the stairs… I can still feel the dull pain in my leg now when I think about session ended, haha! But after several sessions in the freezing warehouse we put together an edit myself and Matty Lambert were really happy with.”

No.3 Malaga/Alicante Edit

“This edit come about when Eisa Bakos said he would like to shoot some photos for me for Ride UK, so we decided to do a trip to Malaga as it was coming up towards the end of the year. We all know UK weather isn’t the best in December, so we decided to jump on a plane and head to Malaga with Leo Baron… Will Evans had some footage from a previous trip to Alicante months earlier, so he sent over the footage to Leo to have enough footage for the full edit – I was super happy on the outcome of it.”

No. 2 Seventies Unit Edit

“I get nostalgic about this edit. It was when I first starting riding for Shadow and when Niki Croft used to live in Hastings and rode for Shadow, so I would often go down and hang out with Niki and Lloyd Wright. We would ride the Unit in the evening after Niki and Lloyd would finish work in the Seventies warehouse – it was so fun to ride because everyone at the warehouse helped build this place, so it was really tight and fun to ride!”

No. 1 Rampworx Plaza Edit

“It’s the most recent edit I have filmed… I’m just happy with doing a bunch of stuff I have wanted to do in the Plaza Room at Rampworx for a while now.”