Watch Part 3 of Mat Hoffman’s High Air Videos

ESPN have nailed it with this video series focussing on Mat‘s recent high air sessions down at Danny Way‘s monstrous roll-in to 30ft quarterpipe one-way ticket to the world’s highest air, or mutilation, or both. Part three is now online and in all honesty the best place to view it is on the Hoffman Bikes website – so click here and watch the boundaries being smashed, yet again. Here Mat and Danny discuss the challenges and merits of going higher on a ramp than anyone has ever been – interestingly, this is what Danny had to say about watching Mat’s original big air videos from ’92/’93…

“I watched that video over and over and over, I watched it so many times, I couldn’t believe it, and I was like – I gotta feel that altitude some day” – Danny Way

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