Harry Mills Wakley’s Top Five Videos

The South West UK Scene is a strong one, and it’s down to guys like Harry – producing some of the best video parts out there, helping run jams like the Cookie Jam, and holding down sponsorship from the likes of Eclat and United. Harry consistently puts out strong edits so putting together a Top Five List is always going to be a treat – we asked Harry for his top five, and there are some proper belters in here! Hit it.

No.5 The Boarding House Jamie x Harry Split Edit

“This was Jamie Skinner’s and mine split edit for The Boarding House, our local BMX shop, filmed almost four years ago now, just before the old Flowerpot skatepark was knocked down and the new one built. This was filmed and edited by Elliot Gunn.”

No.4 Welcome To United

“This was my Welcome to United edit filmed at the 4Down park by James Cox. I was so stoked to be part of the United team as I run their product before I rode for them. I’ve always been into the brand and the way they do things, plus I am super into James’s way of filming so I was stoked to be filming with him, especially at the 4Down park. The filming possibilities are endless in what you can create and film there.”

No.3 Boarding House Spot Guide

“United Bike Co and The Boarding House teamed up to do a spot check of some of the parks in the South West of England. Tim has been creating the Spot Guide for a while now, giving it to customers who wish to explore the South West. So Leo Forte, James Cox, Duncan Smith and myself hit the road for a few days stopping off at some of the parks to film a few clips. I love the west country and campaign so this trip was right up my street!”

No.2 Eclat x Dig

“Oscar and I started filming the odd clip here and there around Exeter for his video project Spare Potatoes which then turned in us teaming up and making an edit. I approached Mark Noble about the idea for an Eclat edit and he was super keen to get rolling. With a two week trip to BCN thrown in the mix too we started filming a lot more and trying to get some content I was buzzing with. The idea of Eclat x DigBMX collab edit was suggested by Mark which I was stoked for! It got released and I’m super happy with the end product. Thanks for filming Oscar and Ryan Hallet.”

No.1 Eclat Young Bloods

“The Eclat Young Bloods trip has to be one of the most fun and rememberable trips to this current date for me. The crew was awesome. Everyone was super positive and productive the entire time with countless entertainment for everyone on the trip. Thanks for the good times boys!”