The Ams Killed It At Mongoose Jam

One of the main features of Mongoose Jam is having the Ams ride with the Pros all weekend and everyone getting stuck in – the Am contest at Mongoose Jam UK was awesome, with people sending it all over Rush Skatepark – the street course, park course, and last but not least in the big bowl there. And when the dust settled on Saturday, the top six ams overall qualified to ride in the Pro contest the next day with a team. Here’s the official word from Mongoose.

Mongoose Jam UK Amateur Competition

With the official start to the inaugural Mongoose Jam UK at Rush Skatepark in Stroud England, twenty-five amateurs competed for a coveted spot on one of six Mongoose Jam pro teams, captained by Mongoose pros Pat Casey, Greg Illingworth, Tom Isted, Kevin Peraza, Paul Ryan, and Ben Wallace. Each athlete will have the chance to ride in street, park, and bowl and vie for a piece of the $15,000 prize purse.
The ams threw down like the pros during the contest. Ollie Palmer took first place and landed himself on Greg Illingworth’s team. With tricks like a foot jam on top of a 7 foot sub box during the bowl comp, it’s no wonder why this kid lead the ams.

ollie palmer fastplant mongoose jam uk

Ollie Palmer, fastplant up the wallride in the Park Contest.

Ross Domanski joined defending Mongoose Jam champ, Kevin Peraza and the rest of his team. Ross came out of the gates hard with a gap off a small wedge ramp to curved wall ride – 180 out. Riding at a consistently high level the entire day, Ross placed second in street, park and bowl for an overall second place standing in the comp.
Dan Allington took third overall for the amateur contest and placed 1st in street with burly tricks and fast lines.
Kaine Mitchell opted to forgo riding street, but had strong finishes in park and bowl resulting in a fourth place finish. Kaine wrapped up his day with bowl after finally landing a fakie front flip after three attempts during the hard trick portion of his run.
Jack Hobson, who joined Pat Casey’s team, ice picked the back rail out of the deep end of the bowl for an amazing finish after a long day of riding. This is Pat’s first year riding for Mongoose and first year captaining a team for the Mongoose Jam. Pat has been a member of Kevin’s first place team for the last two years, and eyes are on him to see if his team can take home first.
Leon Williams put together a big street run. He linked tricks and 360 nose bonked over the box on top of the street pyramid. Leon joined team Wallace and took fifth overall in the amateur contest.

Amateur Results
Team Ryan – Kaine Mitchell
Team Wallace – Leon Williams
Team Illingworth – Ollie Palmer
Team Casey – Jack Hobson
Team Isted – Dan Allington
Team Peraza – Ross Domanski
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