Video: Mongoose Jam UK Pro Street Finals

On a warm Sunday afternoon inside Rush Skatepark on the 3rd of July, the Pro Street Finals hit the course at Mongoose Jam UK… and smashed it. So much amazing stuff went down. Here’s the video!

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 09.04.16

And here’s the official word from Mongoose HQ:


On day two of Mongoose Jam UK, the ams joined their Pro teams for the Street Comp at Rush Skatepark. Each athlete had two 45 second runs in which the best score counted. All team members were welcome to ride, but only the top two scores from each team counted towards their overall scores.
The large street course gave athletes tons of options for all styles of riding from long technical combo lines to burley gaps. The ams took full advantage of the course. Dan Allington (Team Isted) did no foot nose manuals across the entire 50+ foot deck above the stair set, while Leon Williams (Team Wallace) managed a nose bonk 360 over the ledge-topped pyramid, and Ross Domanski (Team Peraza) tail whipped off a banked wall.
Murray Loubster (Team Illingworth) rode with a dislocated thumb, but it didn’t stop him from pulling clean lines and landings. Kriss Kyle (Team Casey) was smooth as always with an alley-oop 360 out of the curved wall ride and did a simple but styley fast plant off the ledge-top pyramid. Alex Donnachie (Team Illingworth) showed off his down-rail skills with a fast plant to ice down and a double peg to 360 up.
The crowd favorite was Kevin Peraza’s entrance into his run with a truck driver from the park course into the street course as well as a nose wheelie to 180 down one of the big ledges.
Tomorrow, July 8th, Mongoose will announce the final results of Mongoose Jam UK as well as release the edit for the Park Comp. See who’s taking home a chunk of the $15,000 prize purse! For more contest updates visit
Street Comp Top Five Individual Results:
1.      Kevin Peraza (Team Peraza)
2.      Jack Clark (Team Peraza)
3.      Alex Donnachie (Team Illingworth)
4.      Murray Loubster (Team Illingworth)
5.      Kriss Kyle (Team Casey)
Overall Team Standings (Day 2):
1.      Team Peraza
2.      Team Isted
3.      Team Wallace
4.      Team Illingworth
5.      Team Casey
6.      Team Ryan