Watch NASS Park Finals

July was a heavy week for contests in the UK – 2nd & 3rd was Mongoose Jam, then 8th & 9th was NASS Weekend, which also incorporated for the first time the IBMXFF World Championships… the last time the Worlds took place in the UK was back in 1988 when freestyle was in a different space and time altogether, when ramps were 7ft tall (and we only had three in total) and flatland contests consisted of bar-rides and fire-hydrants and the odd elbow-glide here and there (flat was just starting to get rolling then). If you weren’t at either of these recent contests in the UK, then you missed out on experiencing inspirational events, amazing vibes, and seeing at first-hand boundaries being smashed and incredible riding going down. I guess you could stay at home and watch it all on Facebook and Youtube on a phone screen, but it just isn’t the same. Mongoose Jam exceeded expectations. NASS was mental. Both went OFF. Here’s the highlight reel from NASS Pro Park.


1 Logan Martin
2 Mark Webb
3 Alex Coleborn

4 Declan Brooks
5 Nick Bruce
6 Daniel Sandoval
7 Mike Varga
8 Jack Clark
9 Pat Casey
10 Tom Isted