Watch NASS Flatland Finals

The last time the Freestyle Worlds took place in the UK the year was 1988 and a flatland title could be won with a clean run of elbow-glides, fire-hydrants, decade combos and some other linking stuff going on. Back then, flatland was just starting to progress to harder rolling tricks, as Kevin Jones and co were beginning to reinvent flatland and take it on to new levels of hardness and absurd levels of bike control. How times change… flatland now is a completely different beast altogether.
Roll forwards to 2016, and the Worlds came back to the UK at NASS Festival with Pro and Am Flatland events – with Pro contest featuring one of the most stacked list of riders around. This was a seriously hard contest. The highlights video here shows a snippet of what went down — it was the perfect stage to showcase this level of riding. Anyone in the NASS audience not zoomed out on legal highs or hungover from the previous night’s festivities were totally blown away by what was going on. Watch here…


1 Matthias Dandois
2 Takahiro Ikeda
3 Matt Wilhelm

4 Viki Gomez
5 Alex Jumelin
6 Dez Maarsen
7 Jean William (Dub) Provost
8 Dominik Nekolny
9 Rafael Chiquet