Jason Phelan Flips – In The Pouring Rain

Just back from the GT BMX 2017 launch which took place in New York over the weekend – situated at the 50:50 Skatepark in Staten Island, with the full team in the house and all the new 2017 bikes on show, along with Ben Ward taking everyone through the range. Watch this space – bike checks and details coming soon here. During the afternoon the skies opened and it chucked it down, proper cats & dogs style. Naturally, Jason Phelan moved a kicker into the middle of the road and flipped it. Mental.

Video by Kurt from BMX Union
INFO: Yesterday during the GT Bicycles 2017 complete bikes product launch at 5050 Skatepark, the rain started coming down heavy! There was a kicker out front of the park and Jason had mentioned he wanted to backflip it… We were thinking he meant once the rain stopped, but he meant BEFORE the rain stopped. So, we quickly grabbed the camera and an umbrella and Jason sent it. Despite it pouring rain, the ramp being a little sketchy and cars not stopping for him, he managed to send two of them before the throttle-grip kicked in. We’re still not quite sure how he did this, but it’s absolutely amazing. Did we mention he also has plastic pedals?

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