Video: Team Illingworth at Woodward

This year’s Mongoose Jam in America changed things up – for 2016 the contest took place at Woodward again, but in place of a regular judged contest the teams had to pick a filmer and put out a 3:30 long video part instead, with online voting deciding the winners. The video parts and contest have been live for a couple weeks now, but it’s worth looking into again here – Greg Illingworth‘s team nailed it, complete with Will Evans sealing the deal behind the lens. Enjoy.

“There are so many WTF clips in this video. Just prepare to have your mind blown”

INFO: The dream team Greg Illingworth, Kriss Kyle, and Jason Watts deliver a section jam packed with lots of speed, air time, original lines, and a few NBDs as well. And to top it all off, Will Evans did the shooting and cutting, so you already know it looks amazing.