Sneak Preview – The GT Performer 26

Now THAT’S a bike. Haro and SE Racing have enjoyed considerable success recently with their retro-bikes / re-pop programs, which not only sell well but also add provenance and legitimacy to the modern bikes, and now GT are back in the fray with their remapped Performer 26. GT BMX manager Ben Ward put a ton of effort into this bike, and it shows – Mohawk hubs, vintage touches throughout, amazing Power Series cranks (which are also available as after-market / separate products in their own right) and that classic Performer frame outline with the legit downtube. This bike rules. Geometry is also fully usable as well – this ain’t no beach cruiser, you can properly ride this 26″ wheel bike at the park and trails. Good Times all round then! Available now in the States, elsewhere soon, and in the UK in limited numbers so get your orders in quick!

For more info, hit the GT BMX website here.

The GT Performer 26 in baby blue – DAMN this looks good.
gt performer 26
GT Performer in white – spotted in the USA GT office in July. Check the details!