Go Behind The Scenes At Mongoose Jam

This year’s Mongoose Jam US at Woodward took on a whole new format with the teams involving filmers for the very first time – with the resulting edits being posted online and a reader vote with RideUSA being counted to figure out the winning team, which is about to be announced. Here’s a really cool behind-the-scenes video which shows us exactly what went down… enjoy.

“Within a matter of four days so much incredible riding went down from all five teams… Wallace, Paul Ryan, Illingworth, Casey, and Peraza”

INFO: Here’s a behind the scenes recap from the 2016 Mongoose Jam at Woodward West from start to finish. The judges at Woodward gave Team Casey the win at the end of the week, and we’ll be announcing which team won the Reader’s Vote Choice—and the $4,000—on ridebmx.com tomorrow. So until then, sit back enjoy this BTS recap.