Is THIS The Best Complete Trails Bike Out Now?

In a word, yes. For more info about the 2017 Volta from Wethepeople, check out our preview page on BMX.COM here.

INFO FROM WTP: With a subtle Translucent Black paint finish and tattoo inspired decals, the Volta is an elegant, soaring dirt machine is built like none other. Heavily influenced by our Patrol aftermarket line, the Volta has a lengthy 21.15” toptube and relaxed geometry, giving you the perfect angles to go faster and higher than anything else. Specced with éclat’s super light Kolibri hubs and Dirt legend Brian Foster’s signature FT1 Tires form Merritt, the Volta is a carefully built stallion, bred to shred the big line down the trails, or roast the deep end of your local bowl in equal style.

Featuring Paul Thoelen. Filmed by Callum Earnshaw