Greg Illingworth’s Bike Check

Over on the RideBMX website right now is an insightful bike check with Greg Illingworth – check out his custom Mongoose frame (which is USA-made, much like the Familia signature frames with Kevin Peraza) built up with a bunch of Snafu and Eclat parts. Greg’s on it! The bike shown here is his US-made bike, but he has something in the works to make a custom UK-made frame. That’s something we’re all looking forward to checking out!

“Yeah I have a new bike in the works. The frame is being hand made in the UK with some custom details. I’ll be working on a video project revolving around the new frame/bike” – Greg

Greg’s custom Mongoose is so dialled. Check out the RideBMX website for more info – photo by Jeff Z.

Go to the RideBMX website here for more info…