Trailer – Source BMX History

This should be damn good – Perception Films are working on a documentary on The Source, and here’s the trailer. Enjoy.

INFO: This is the story of 2 brothers, Marc and Richard Moore, who started their own BMX shop in their hometown of Bexhill-On-Sea. ‘The Source’ opened in 2003 and with their passion and dedication they have grown their business into a true entity that everyone believes in and stands behind.

“With constant shop moves over the years, ‘The Source’ has always kept its BMX roots alive by surrounding themselves with elaborate DIY projects from indoor bowls to outdoor jump ramps.”

Approaching everything with a positive can-do attitude, has now lead them to their biggest project yet – to build the world’s biggest underground skatepark underneath the promenade of Hastings seafront inside a space that dates back to the 1800’s and has laid derelict for the past 18 years.

Full documentary coming Christmas 2016.

Perception Films & Filmmaker At Large presents
The Source Park Documentary
Edited by Alex Frois
Sound Design by Edward Blakeley
Cinematography by Tom Pickard
Produced by Christopher Morriss-Roberts
Directed by Tom Pickard