Bike Check: What’s Jason Phelan Riding Now

Jason‘s been busy working on a seriously big video project – coming soon – and it was all on this bike: his signature colourway on a new 2017 GT frame, fork, and a slew of GT and Eclat parts. Jason built this bike when he was at the CSG Launch Show back in August, and here it is in all its Bike Check glory… remember, this colourway is now available on his own signature complete Team Comp bike, which you can see here.

Name: Jason Phelan
Age: “30 great years old”
Height: 5′ 10′
Years Riding: 17
Hometown: Waterford, Ireland
Sponsors: GT Bikes, Extreme, Dewalt, BawBags

Jason’s new set-up – check that colour scheme, which is available now on the 2017 GT Phelan Team Comp. All photos MN.

Frame: GT BK Globetrotter, 21inch, Phelan colourway
Fork: GT
Bars: GT Fullerton bars
Stem: GT CNC stem
Grips: GT Team Grip – “ODI-style, they’re amazing grips”
Barends: GT
Clamp: GT integrated
Seatpost: GT Fullerton Pivotal
Seat: GT Shamrock
Pedals: Eclat Slash
Cranks: Eclat Maverick crank
Sprocket: GT Fullerton 25T
Chain: Eclat
Tyres: Eclat Escape, 2.3″ f&r
Front Wheel: Eclat Trippin’ on a Pulse hub with 2 Pulse/Blind guards
Rear Wheel: Eclat Bondi v2 rim on an Eclat Cortex freecoaster, with 4 pegs – Eclat 4.5″
jason-phelan-bike-check-eclat-cortex-hub jason-phelan-bike-check-eclat-crank jason-phelan-bike-check-graphics-main jason-phelan-bike-check-lucky-seat jason-phelan-bike-check-toptube jason-phelan-bike-check-vert-2

What custom mods have you made to your bike?
At the moment none, I added some GT and Dewalt stickers…
What’s the newest part on your bike?
What’s the oldest part on your bike – any part you just won’t change?
My current bike is fresh and new, as my other bike took a few too many Deep Sea Dives for my current project which is due to be out real soon.
How often do you put together a new set-up?
I try to every five months, as I’m always doing silly things like jumping into salty water or sending drops.
How good are you at keeping the thing dialled?
I’m not too bad, I do like to keep the wheels dialled if I can, and everything running quite smoothly.
What else is new – what are you planning next?
Video projects – I just want to make more creative video projects, because this is where I’m happiest with BMX. The satisfaction I get from finishing a cool project with friends is amazing – you just can not beat a good project or idea.