What On Earth is VUPIT?

THIS is Vupit. A whole new project which has begun with an interactive App that is being launched by some heavy hitters in freestyle – if this thing was being put together by tom, dick and harry with suits on then it wouldn’t be worth a sniff, but check out who is involved from the outset: none other than Robbie Morales, Justin Kosman, Ron Bonner, Mat Hoffman, Steve Swope, Chris Olivier, and Ryan Nyquist.
As they say, “The crew that’s running this show are Freestyle legends—veterans of the sport that are still crushing it today. Together with USA BMX, they’re helping us perfect the world’s first grassroots digital ranking and qualifying system, so that everyone gets recognized and rewarded.” USA BMX is the organisation behind BMX racing in the States, and it’s enormous – they’re now looking to help progress freestyle and this App is just the beginning.
This short promo video shows you roughly how it works, as Albert Mercado goes through the process. It’s early days, but this could grow and grow – and with that crew behind it, it’s looking promising.
Go to the Vupit website for more info

The guys behind Vupit. Serious crew…