Product Review: GT OG 4pc Bars

And finally – they’re available! GT birthed the original design for this 4pc bar way back in 1990 – when GT and Haro were the main companies going toe-to-toe on a regular basis with team riders, bikes, fresh product, and making the ‘new’ sport of freestyle more radical by the day. Good times. The original GT bars were pretty much instant classics, and they stood the test of time – before being culled from GT’s line-up during the low years and when everyone switched to 2-pc bars… however, Bob Scerbo took up the baton and produced the bar he loved through Animal (with some tweaks). Street riders in the know stuck by them through thick and thin, and man they’re good. In recent times 4pc bars have again become more popular, and riders of a more modern generation will look at these new GT bars and say they’re copies of Scerbo bars… but it ain’t so. GT OG 4pc bars are back, and in two sizes with modern geometry and build quality, with the same silhouette and proportions – and they look great.

GT 4pc bars are back baby.

GT 4- Piece Original Bar
Price: $64.99 / £59.99
Weight: 34.8oz (9.125″)
Colors: Black, Chrome, Gloss Clear Raw
5° up sweep
9° back sweep
29″ wide
Two sizes: 9.125″ & 8.6″
Straight Gauge 4130 Chromoly
1 piece bar upper with OS (oversized) bends for added strength
OS 1″ vertical tubes for added strength
Aggressive Knurling
“GT” stamped bar caps