UK BMX Series – Dirt Finals

This isn’t your average 3.5 minute contest highlight reel laced to the latest grime track with a couple tricks per rider – the UK BMX Series did something different here with the Dirt Finals that happened at LakeFest ’16 and put together a full contest coverage programme which is pretty much TV-worthy. It’s 25 minutes long, with commentary, slow-mo replays, multiple camera angles including a drone, and interviews with the riders including Ben Wallace, Jay Cowley, Hucker, Brandon Dosch and more. Good work. UK Series is putting together some strong contests right now – with Dirt, Park, and Vert planned for 2017. Watch this space.

INFO: Full coverage of the UK BMX Dirt Series final presented by Tim Warwood, Craig Teague and Kayley Ashworth. Brought to you by Red Bull and Vans. Featuring top professional riders from all over the world including Brandon Dosch, Ben Wallace, Mike Hucker Clark and Joe Baddeley.