When Design Meets BMX – Dig Alumni

The new Alumni project from Dig is looking promising…


INFO: “Where do you see yourself in five years?” Ever heard that question in a job interview? No one picks up a BMX bike thinking it’s going to be a career move. This upcoming DIG series is proof that picking up that bike can not only change the direction of your life, but also have an impact well beyond the confines of the BMX world.
DIG Alumni looks at four creatives whose lives were shaped by being involved at varying levels within the BMX community. BMX not only inspired them artistically, it provided them with a worldview that encouraged risk, made them open to opportunity, and gave them the tools to come up with creative solutions to the problems life threw at them.
From breaking bikes to building frames, to taking a ‘go for it’ approach to freehand drawing permanent ink on peoples’ skin; from surviving street violence to a career in street photography, and taking the lessons learned in the shoestring budget world of DIY BMX publishing to direct the creative campaigns of era-defining brands; Your bike can take you to the streets, the park, the trails. Where else is it going to take you?
DIG Alumni; Inspired by BMX. Episode 1 coming soon.
A DIG Production. Directed by Fraser Byrne.