GT x Alan’s Jam at Beast Rampz

This jam went off! GT teamed up with Alan’s BMX to run a jam at Beast Rampz skatepark last weekend… and it was a good time. A mix of new (the 2017 GT bikes were all there) and old (there was an impressive old-school show and shine) and riders (Jason Phelan, Tariq Haouche and Sam Hulse all rode)… here’s Tom from Alan’s with more info.

Tariq and his GT set-up… also check the old-school gold in the background.
Sam Davies-Bate – double pegs on a mint Aggressor.
Sam again – wallride! WHUT!?!
GT Air Show in full effect. Tariq goes over Sam…

“The Alans x GT Jam went off without a hitch on Sunday, as over 50 riders and over 20 oldschoolers filled the park – we had plenty of new GT goods on display along with Alan Woods announcing the new GT BMX Heritage range. Jason Phelan, Tariq Haouche and Sam Hulse turned up from GT to ride with the locals and Josh from GT was on hand to answer any GT related questions.
Alan hosted a Show and Shine style competition for the oldschool bikes, with small trophies for best GT Freestyle, best GT Race and best Non-GT Bike on display. There were plenty of great bikes ranging from pristine GT’s to survivor builds and also everything from a beautiful Torker 280x to a Skyway Streetbeat Mk2 that ended up winning the best non-GT award.
On the freestyle side it was non-stop riding, several games of Footdown were held in the Vert ramp that created multiple crashes to the amusement of the spectators and a long jump challenge was setup in the street section for everyone to try.
Towards the end of the night things quietened down a bit and Alans BMX team rider Sam Davies-Bate got out his restored 91 GT Aggressor and decided to send some tricks, including a rediculous wallride that nearly went wrong (those pesky skyways eh) and even a syncronised feeble grind with GT rider Tariq Haouche. All in all everyone left with a smile and stories to tell…”

Tariq and Sam – doubles up on the hubba ledge! Old VS New

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