Watch Jordan Godwin, Ed Zunda, Mo Nussbaumer & Mike Curley in Sicily

This was an odd trip – during the planning stages earlier in the summer, the WTP crew across the whole map of Europe, and instead of just posting up in BCN for a week and popping out the usual team edit, somewhere different and new was decided upon: lo and behold, the island of Sicily. New! NBDs! Nobody’s been there before! Street spots untapped! Let’s do this. Surely there’s enough to create solid clips for Foundation, shoot photos for the mag, AND come away with a team trip edit and tons of social media clips. However… Sicily wasn’t exactly brimming with ridable spots – plus Mike knocked his head early on, so the crew were down one from early doors. Still – they soldiered through and pulled off this edit AND a full feature in Endless Magazine.

Jordan Godwin, Ed Zunda, Mo Nussbaumer and Mike Curley hunting for elusive spots on the island of Sicily.

Filmed and edited by Callum Earnshaw