Ride’s Biggest Instagram Videos of 2016

And guess what? Jason Phelan‘s flip in the pouring rain during the GT BMX launch at 50/50 Skatepark in NYC is the number one Instragram video on Ride’s channel for 2016… those guys made 1,892 Instagram posts in 2016 and now have over 426,000 followers – nuts.

Big numbers…

Here’s more from RideBMX…

“2016 is done. Finished. Over. Well…we still have a few days for some more bad shit to happen. But, forgoing our tradition of compiling the “most liked instagram photos” of the year, we’ve done and switch it over to video. And hell, I just went ahead and compiled ’em for ya in one easy to watch youtube vid instead of making you click a ton. And, just for the sake of dropping some big numbers, we started off 2016 with 277,000 followers. And now, after 1892 posts producing a staggering 8,079,661 likes, we’re ending with 426,000 followers. Yup.”

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