Watch The Full Markit Video Now

When Markit‘s Zero video came out, I loved it. The crew is completely stacked, and more than that, you can tell they’re good friends, a solid bunch who have each other’s backs more than most. Rigal‘s videography work is second to none, and the riders really saved their best for this project – best spots, best tricks, best everything. Two years of work went into this film – and tons of travel: all across the United States, plus Spain, Japan and even Russia. And check the rider roster: Geoff Slaterry, Christian Rigal, Mike Jonas, Connor Lodes, Ronnie Napolitan, Rob Wise, Dennis Enarson and Chad Kerley. Does it get ANY BETTER than THIS? No. Watch the video which has just been dropped on Youtube, and hit the Markit Denim site now.

“Directed, filmed and edited by Christian Rigal and produced by Dennis Enarson. Artwork by Nick Sawyers and 3D titles by Kelly Bolton.”

INFO: “Markit is a crew of good friends who all love shredding bikes, filming clips, and going on trips together. Featuring the riding from Chad Kerley, Connor Lodes, Dennis Enarson, Mike Jonas, Geoff Slattery, Rob Wise, Ronnie Napolitan and Christian Rigal, Markit Zero is our first full length feature. Enjoy!”