Watch Alex Kennedy And Bruno Hoffman’s Dig Territories Video Now

DigBMX have been working on Territories for a while now, and here is the first instalment ready for release. Filmed by Callum Earnshaw, they take a couple pros overseas – in this case, China – and go to work. Here’s part one with Bruno Hoffman and Alex Kennedy… gold. Pure gold.

“Episode 1 features eclat’s Alex Kennedy and Bruno Hoffmann and we’ve got 2 more episodes from this series to follow. The 2nd will feature wethepeople’s Dillon Lloyd and Ed Zunda and the third episode will feature our ‘In The Cut’ behind the scenes footage from the whole trip.” – Dig

INFO: Back in October of last year we started a new DIG travel project. For the first one we teamed up with official partner brands Éclat BMX and WETHEPEOPLE and selected two riders from each brand to accompany us to a city none of us had ever been to or even knew about. Ningbo is about 2.5 hours south of Shanghai in China and had more than enough good spots and interesting locals to make for an epic trip.
In conjunction with this project we have printed 75 limited edition 64 page photo books with images from the trip. Books include FREE DIG, Eclat and WETHEPEOPLE stickers. Look for that on our webstore tomorrow.
Big thanks to Touch Bike Co for all their help.

A DIG EXCLUSIVE / Filmed by Cal Earnshaw