The Florideah Fest Was Just Insane

This ain’t the X Games. They do things differently in Florida… this jam harks back to the old FBM Jams, Bexhill Backyards, ghetto set-ups and insane obsctacle courses, with ramps made with zero consideration to health and safety or risk assessments. Here’s the highlight video from RideBMX.

“Trey Jones knows how to put on one hell of a jam. From the pallet ramps, the curved wall, the rail across the lake, and a bonfire the size of a house, the Florideah Swamp Fest was absolutely everything I hoped it would be. Check the highlights… Thank you to the whole Florida scene for the epic weekend” – Ryan.

Music by Nihilist
Film/edit by Ryan Fudger “Shout out to Van Homan for holding the GoPro for me, too.”