Jordan Godwin’s Top 5 Videos

Jordan Godwin has busted out some of the best street video parts in recent times, and his section on Wethepeople‘s Foundation is absolutely on fire – and he’s not stopping yet. Keep your eyes peeled for more incredible videos and edits from Jordan… but when he puts his bike down, what does he watch? What videos have inspired him? We decided to find out. So here’s Jordan’s personal pick of his favourite five video parts.

Alex Kennedy – Talk Is Cheap

“This section is probably my all time favourite – I still always go back and watch it. When this came out I feel like it really pushed technical peg riding to a new level, and the fact that this part is still so relevant proves how good it is!” – Jordan

Mark Burnett – What Could Go Wrong

“This part is just the definition of progression – Mark is always one step ahead I feel like, and this is just a perfect example of that!” – Jordan

Ty Morrow – Deadline

“Ty Morrow’s part in this video is the stand-out section for me – all the sections are crazy! But Ty’s just stands out to me, he’s a savage and doesn’t do things by half measures.” – Jordan

Dan Paley – BSD Transmission

“I feel like I’m the biggest fan of this section! Paley just smashed it from start to finish, there’s no chill, big or small he will just destroy it in to a thousand pieces haha!” – Jordan

Sean Burns – Anthem 2

“I personally think this section is one of the craziest sections. It’s straight-up do or die stuff pretty much all the way through and I love it, BMX needs more Sean Burns!” – Jordan