Paul Ryan’s Top Five Videos

Street tech whiz Paul Ryan continually comes through with next-level street edits, but when it comes to sitting down and watching videos when he’s not riding or filming with Matt Lambert, what does Paul himself stick on his laptop? What are his go-to favourite BMX edits of all time? Here’s his own top-5 list, and from Nathan Williams to Garrett Reynolds and more, this is one solid list of street fire.
Portrait by Greg Illingworth

Dakota Roche: Ride Insight

“I remember the first time I watched this video, probably about 2009 I’m gonna go with. My mind was just blown away from the amount of bike control I had never seen before from anyone, nose manual tricks from icepick grinds and just all round savage section – as well as the whole entire video of Ride Insight.” – Paul

Nathan Williams: Above-Below

“I really like this video section, just how Nathan does opposite tricks so effortlessly and looks as good as anyone’s regular way… it’s insane!” – Paul

Garrett Reynolds: Deadline

“One of the best BMX sections ever…. if not THE best!” – Paul

Corey Martinez: Wide Awake Nightmare

“I used watch this section when I first started riding. It just made me wanna go out and ride all day… even watching any section of Corey now makes me wanna go out and ride!” – Paul

Nike BMX: Buenos Aires

“Savage video with amazing filming and riding – it makes you wanna go out and ride everything!” – Paul

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